Sunday, 28 March 2010

"And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils"

Daffodil season has at long last arrived!  Normally by now our daffs are on their way out, but winter was so long and harsh this year, causing a delay in all our spring flowers.  Last autumn I went daft purchasing bulbs so that I could go into the new year surrounded by colour, and I certainly haven't been disappointed: the beauty of them all is truly breathtaking.   I opted mainly for bags of mixed daffodils so that I would have the variety of colour, and also the suprise of not being sure what would pop up where.  And what a treat it has been: I have delicate pale lemon ones, bold brassy orange and bright yellow ones, and every shade in between. There are the large blooms on long tough stems with wide trumpets to blast out their glorious scent, multi-headed delicate little ladies sitting daintily amidst their brasher sisters, and pretty petite beauties with long slim bugles of rich orange.  Nature is so glorious and so uplifting to the spirits.

Title from William Wordsworth's "I Wander'd lonely as a cloud"

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  1. Alright... and here I am following you already. But I'm so sporadic at the blog business! Lovely image and marvelous words to go with it. :-)


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