Monday, 29 March 2010

Oh What A Change!

It is surprising just how much the weather can affect us: last night I lay in bed, locked in sleeplessness, listening to the silence.  Normally, in this area, the silence would be replaced with the continuous howling of the wind as it whips around the house, catching and disturbing any loose tile, lat of wood or garden furnishing.   But last night we had the lull before the storm.  My body sensed the imminent tumultuous weather that would hit us during the hours of darkness, and tension flowed through my veins, every nerve in my body on edge.  Sleep just wouldn't come.  Eventually I fell into a fitful doze, my mind fighting the exhaustion that my body felt.  Perhaps this behaviour was a survival strategy from long ago, when our ancestors lived life in caves and tents, and needed to be ever-ready to keep themselves safe.  Whatever the reason, it makes me realise just how inexorably we are linked to Mother Nature: a force totally beyond our control.

Yesterday we had beautiful spring weather, the warm sunshine making us discard our coats, but today the rain lashes the windows and once again the wind howls around the house and outbuildings.  The chill, and the dampness in the air, eat through to my bones, but I am not disheartened as I know that it is only a temporary blip before once again Spring will clasp us to her vibrant bossom. 

If today you are having the same weather as me, I hope this photo of Gorse bathed in sunlight will bring some warmth into your life.

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