Saturday, 10 July 2010

Chaffinches On Mass

The Chaffinches are visiting on mass again now, with plenty of the youngsters eating me out of house and home.  They tend to take the food from the ground rather than battle it out for access to the feeders, though they have been generous enough to pose on the odd occasion for me! :-)

Thanks to everyone for your comments and input.  I am still WAY behind on reading peoples blogs: it seems  that while I had a lull, everyone else became particularly active, leaving me with over 600 blog posts to catch up on.  It might take me some time to get through them all!! :-)


  1. Your birds are so beautiful. Great shots. All mine rarely come to the feeder now as there is so much natural food available for them. The insects justed hatched out big time. So the birds have plenty to eat and feed their young. Have a great weekend.

  2. Lovely shots Kerry.
    I often get behind with catching up on blogs. lol
    Real life gets in the way sometimes ;)

  3. I agree ,, Beautiful. I have to say Outstanding.
    I havent seen many birds this good. Im in aww with so many that get the birds and you are one.
    Have a great day

  4. Beautiful captures again, Kerry. I love to see them in my garden, the male is so colourful!

  5. nice photo; nice blog; bravo

  6. I've missed seeing your posts on Flickr, either through my amazing propensity to become distracted before I reach your profile (and others who've been seriously neglected) or because you are not posting so regularly any more?

    I hope all is OK in your corner of the world... I'm thinking that I need to take a break from Flickr (at least the bit about posting to groups) so that I can more regularly blog and get a following there.

    Meanwhile... these images are lovely and now I must go see if you've been equally absent on Flickr... if you have... then I simply must write and make sure you are OK!


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