Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Found The Ringer!

Last night I was contacted by someone that has been doing some ringing in my area.  On searching some of the photos that I had taken I managed to find one with sufficient detail on the ring to locate where and when the bird had the ring fitted.  This handsome male juvenile Greenfinch was ringed on the 26/6/10 around a couple of miles from here as the crow flies, or should that be Greenfinch!  He certainly seems none the worse for the ordeal.  I was really interested to read Warren's info with regards a juvenile Greenfinch being found 18 miles away.  I can understand adult birds travelling so far, but had always assumed that a youngster would stay in the vicinity of the nesting area.  I learn something new every day, or hopefully I do: it keeps the grey matter working!  :-)

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  1. That's great when we get to know something about the birds we take pictures of. Makes them feel that extra bit special :)


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