Thursday, 8 July 2010

Leave Me Alone!

Considering the number of adult Goldfinches visiting, so far I have had very few youngsters, but that appears to be changing if today is anything to go by.   This mother was being harassed by three youngsters who were adamant that they wanted Mummy to carry on with the feeding.   I got the distinct impression that if birds could talk this mother would be saying "Will you **** off and find your own meal!"  These youngsters had obviously reached the "teenage" stage when motherhood can become decidedly difficult!! :-)


  1. lol
    The adult birds certainly do the ignoring thing well. I have to laugh at them here.
    Love the shots of the youngsters.

  2. Aren't those wings gorgeous all spread out?!

  3. Beautiful photos, Kerry and also on the last few posts which I have just caught up with.

    I wouldn't mind a few Siskins hogging my bird feeders so you can always send a few over my way :) I do have lots of Goldfinches though and Greenfinches too.

    I find the fat treats disappear pretty quickly here in fact for some reason they were more likely to be ignored during the Winter!

    I totally agree with your thoughts on verge cutting although it does seem to have got a bit better in this area in the last year or two. Stubble burning was another abomination but thankfully that has been outlawed.

  4. Wow again. You really insprie me Kerry.
    Very nice.


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