Friday, 30 April 2010

Chantilly Lace And A Pretty Face

The pretty face is not the face of a human though, but the face of Mother Nature: as I walk around the lanes the Sloe hedges are covered in beautiful white blossom.  Some patches are just the size of pocket handkerchiefs of lace, and other patches look as though half the lane has been draped in beautiful delicate reams of it.  No photograph could do the sight justice, or correction, no photo that I have managed to produce could! :-)  I opt instead to show the beauty of an individual bloom.  I hope you enjoy its charm as much as I do. :-)


  1. It is a lovely sight, and you've captured the beauty of it here.
    Every year I promise myself I'll make some sloe gin; I never do. :(

  2. I made sloe gin one year but as I don't like alcohol I have no idea what it tasted like! Not sure whether other people consumed it out of politeness or genuine approval. :-)

  3. Many a crook has been made from the blackthorn wood, most crooks you see in the shows with hand carved horn hooks of all different forms are made of this wood,not to be mistaken for hazel wood look at it like oak. takes longer to grow but a real hard wood. the berries also make a good wine, and of course Gin. do not get a thorn in the skin always turn septic on you. I Used to take my oxford and sandy sow, around the wild fruit hedgrows on the farm. she loved sloe and crunched on the stone her favorite was rose hips.

  4. This time of year always reminds me of my chidhood - the white spring blossom blowing in the wind like snow.

  5. I didn't know that about the crooks, but I can appreciate why it would make such good ones as it is certainly very solid wood.

    Thanks everyone for your comments. :-)

  6. you've made an excellent attempt to capture the blossom Kerry, well done, very nice.


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