Thursday, 15 April 2010

Hairy Yet Pretty

I first saw Pink Campion when visiting Tenby in South Wales: it was growing in abundance along the cliffs in that area.  It was such a stunning flower, and yet its gaudy cerise pink petals seemed so out of place in the mellow Welsh countryside.   It would be many years before I would once again have the pleasure of seeing it, and this time it would be along lanes, at the base of hedgerows, in North Wales.  For some reason it doesn't grow along the cliffs in this area.  I am not sure why.  Perhaps it is due to over-grazing, or perhaps a different type of soil.   

This is another plant that disappeared over the cold spell, after having grown continuously all year round, for years and years.  Even during the depths of winter I could guarantee seeing that beautiful bright splash of colour, warming and cheering a cold and bleak day.  Winter was much the worse for it absence.

It is supposed to be attractive to moths and butterflies, but I have rarely seen insects of any kind on it.  Whatever its usefulness, it is a delight to have around.


  1. Lovely shot Kerry. They'll soon be out round here, brightening everywhere.
    Do you get the white ones where you are?

  2. I have seen the occasional white one, but that is all.


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