Saturday, 17 April 2010

Who Sits Here?

At the far end of my favourite little cove, the rock rises steeply up to form a miniature headland, before falling into a deep ravine of rock.  It is to this headland that I clamber, before heading homewards after my hour or so of pottering.  I stand, or sit, and stare off into the distance, soaking up the peace and the tranquility, but I am not the only one to make use of this mini headland: scattered all across the 10 sqare feet of grassland, are the remnants of someone's meal.  There are crabs legs, crab cases, mermaid's purses (the egg shell of a fish, probably a dog fish in this area), the bones of small mammals or even of sheep, the spines and backbone of a fish, or the head and neck of a bird.  I have never seen anything on this headland, so I have no idea whether it is the favourite place of a bird or a mammal.  Perhaps gulls are the diners, but whoever it is, I can always guarantee a new item of interest to add to my collection.  Yesterday I found these two crabs legs, a lobster claw and another case of the body of a crab: such beauty even in death.

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  1. It's no good Kerry; you'll just have to stake the place out. I'm curious to know who or what is responsible.
    Certainly has a varied diet, whatever it is.


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