Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Llyn Peninsula

The Llyn Peninsula is like an arm outstretched from the main body of the UK, its finger pointing towards Barsdey Island, and beyond, across the Irish Sea, to Ireland.  As you enter the Llyn from the Caernarfon direction you will pass, on your right, on one of the summits of Yr Eifl, the Iron Age hill fort: Tre'r Ceiri - Town of the Giants.    As you look to your left you see the wide open expanse of Cardigan Bay.  

This is a peninsula steeped in history, with a strong religious connection, being on the Pilgrim's Trail, and as you carry on along the Peninsula, you will pass, over on your left, several other Iron Age hill forts: Boduan, Garn Fadryn and Mynydd Rhiw.  These are situated on the remnants of the Llyn's volcanic past.  The views from these summits are quite stunning, giving you clear views to Snowdon and Ireland when the weather is fine.  We will visit these peaks in more detail in future posts, as well as taking a look at the Pilgrim's Trail.

This is a land of small farm fields bounded by dry stone walls and hedges; a place of sea cliffs, long stretches of sand and small quiet coves.   Lonely single track lanes meander across the countryside, lanes where you can easily lose yourself, and certainly no place for those drivers who can't reverse!

It has the ever changing climate of a land governed by the sea: one minute calm and balmy, the next wild and stormy; one moment basking in the sun, and the next moment the fingers of sea mist creeping in to grasp you; gentle lapping waves, or wild leaping torrents of foam lashing the cliffs.   A place of extremes.


  1. I look forward to exploring this area more with you Kerry. Sounds like my kind of place ;)

  2. Really interesting blog, with some great photos.
    Just one point: it's peninsula, not peninsular!


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