Wednesday, 28 April 2010

New Arrivals And Old Friends

The migrants are starting to show themselves now, with my first view this morning of a Whitethroat: such a beautiful and distinctive bird.  Over the past few days I have also seen several Wheatears, but perhaps these are the Greenland race, that will only be stopping over for a short period of time, before continuing their long journey to their breeding grounds in the Arctic tundra of Greenland and northern Canada.  Swallows have become much more abundant over the past few days as well.  

This morning I saw my first fledgling of the season: a young Blackbird.  Somehow it had ended up in one of my shippons, and the poor thing flew into a terrible panic when I entered.  It ended up covered in cobwebs from its frantic flight around the roof, looking for a way out.   I moved into the furthest corner and it flew down and headed out, back towards the field.  

And the most pleasant discovery of yesterday was that the Great Tits are once again nesting in one of my chimneys. :-)  I can't wait to see the youngsters.


  1. It really is an exciting time of year Kerry; so much to see.
    Lovely shot of the Great Tit.

  2. Hi Kerry,
    First of all thanks for visiting my site. :-)

    Ive looked through your blog, and you have some great photographs. I love wales, and used to visit every year, staying just outside Builth Wells. You have some geat birds there!

    I'll put your site on my blog list so that I can visit you regularly, I cant promise to comment all the time - its impossible to comment on all the blogs I visit! Enjoy the nature !


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