Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Deeply Saddened

For some reason my Swallows have disappeared for the second year running.  They set about preparing an old nest, one that hadn't been used for at least ten years, lining it with fresh mud and then bedding, but for some reason have now abandoned it.

There don't seem to be many swallows around this year.  I remember a time when the skies were alive with their presence, but now I see very few.  It is deathly without their comings and goings, and I really miss the joy that they brought to the skies. 

At least the Sparrows that breed in my barn seem to be doing well.  This is a photo of a youngster that is making use of my feeders, along with several other youngsters. 


  1. Beautiful shot of the Sparrow Kerry. I get quite a few here too, along with the Starlings.

    A real shame about your Swallows. I've not noticed any less here, thankfully. A healthy population of Swifts, just down the road, and a lot of Swallows at a couple of local lakes.

  2. Lovely, detailed photo, Kerry!


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