Friday, 11 June 2010

A Rare Female Visitor

A female Siskin has now joined the two males that are visiting my feeders, and hopefully soon I might have some youngsters.  Other than the young sparrows, so far there have only been adult birds visiting the feeders, but I expect a rush of youngsters any day soon - she says with fingers crossed.  The forecast until Monday is for mainly sunshine, with gusting winds up to 30 miles an hour, so photographing them might be difficult.  Adult birds of all species are coming in increased numbers now, eating me out of house and home, as usually happens at this time of year: a mad rush of a few weeks and then as the youngsters disperse it quietens off again and my purse gives a sigh of relief! :-) This morning my poultry area looks like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's Birds: the skies are black with Crows, Rooks and Jackdaws.  Pigeons and Doves are also appearing en masse.

Many thanks for your visits and comments.  I hope the sun shines on you over the next few days.

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  1. I know what you feel like on the feeders front at this time of year - 60kg of hearts this month!


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