Sunday, 13 June 2010

Nature Can Be So Cruel

They are all dead, every last one of them.  It seems such a waste, and it makes me wonder about the futility of life.  I don't know what took them, whether it was birds or mammals, but it is irrelevant what it was: they are no more.  I know that in them dying, another life will have the opportunity to live on, and that is the way of nature, but I am still deeply saddened that their stay on this earth was so short.  They will live on in a few photos, photos that weren't even good, and they will live on in my memory, those little whirling dervishes.


  1. Such a shame Kerry. I can understand how you feel. I'd feel the same way too.

  2. It always hits you badly when something you watch gets predated, you get to know your own wildlife and it gets personal :-)

    They will not of died in vain, nothing dies in the natural world, it just gets recycled . :-)


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