Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A Few Butterflies And Caterpillars

No idea what this is - any suggestions gratefully received. - ID Oak Eggar - many thanks to Dean. :-)

A beautiful Orange-tip on a Cuckoo Flower.

A Common Blue - I think! I always welcome corrections if I have identified anything incorrectly. :-)

A Wall Brown.  I do think the underneath is a lot prettier than the top of the wings with this butterfly.

An open view of an Orange-tip: such a beautiful butterfly.

No idea what these were. They were in the top of a Willow.  Anyone any ideas? ID Buff-tips - many thanks again to Dean. :-)

It is still chucking it down. :-(  One good thing about rain is that I get the chance to catch up on editing images and reading blogs. :-)  Many thanks for your visits and comments. :-)


  1. Can't help with any of the ID's Kerry; I'm pretty hopeless at that. Cracking set of shots though. There seems to be a lot of caterpillars in that last one!

  2. Yep, cracking photos Kerry.
    The big caterpillar is an Oak Eggar and the others look like Buff-tips.


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