Thursday, 10 June 2010

I Won't Be Popular!

Oh no!  I have nearly run out of sunflower seeds and my supplier won't have any in until Monday!  I will not be popular with my ever hungry Goldfinches!   I was told that they really prefer niger seeds, but having purchased two feeders, and a twenty-five kilo sack of them, I discovered that actually they will only eat them if the queue to the sunflower seeds is too long: another case of wildlife not reading the right books! :-)

The Goldfinches first started visiting me around two years ago, after having ignored my feeders for many years.  Since then they have taken over, with a flock of around thirty always present.  They are delightful to look at with their stunning plumage, but they are argumentative little devils who frighten off the more timid Blue Tits. 


  1. Lovely shot of the Goldfinch Kerry.
    I think these 'books' need to be re written; my goldie visitors prefer sunflower seeds too lol

  2. Your photos are gorgeous! I look forward to browsing more of your work.


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