Monday, 7 June 2010

Rare Visitor

These delightful little Siskins first started visiting my feeders last year.  I had two adults and a youngster for a short period of time over the summer months. They then disappeared, with no sight nor sound of them being seen until this past week, when once again they are coming to the feeders.  All I need now is for the wind to drop so that I can get a decent shot of them on a branch - there isn't a cat in hells chance of me doing it at the moment, as the branches are being whipped around by twenty mile an hour winds.

If this year follows the pattern of the last three, then summer has been and gone for another year: we are now back to cool, wet and windy, with the long term forecast saying that it is here for at least the next three weeks.  I hope your weather is better than mine and that the sun is shining on you.


  1. You got a nice shot there,even if it is a rare one, At the moment I could do with some of your cool weather. its well in the 5oc here at this moment, even the fan I have to keep me cool on the computer is blowing hot air. at least I have a good air condition in the bedroom. as you can see from the photos its been blue skies all day everyday for the past 2 months. gets very boring.

  2. This siskin and all your other pictures are beautiful Kerry. Haven't had siskins in our garden yet, but like you with the kites, it's more likely that I have missed them!
    Don't give up on the the great British summer yet, I've only just got over the cold of that horrendous winter :)

  3. Hi Kerry, I caught up on your previous posts a few days ago and thought I had commented but that has happened to me a lot lately, I have had all sorts of ongoing blogger/google problems :(

    Anyway it has been a pleasure to visit again and see your lovely photos. The Siskin is a beauty, we had a couple in our garden 2 or 3 years ago during a spell of very bad weather in late Winter. They visited regularly for just a few days and I have never seen them in this area before or since.

    Bad luck on the Red Kites, such magnificent birds! I was thrilled to see and photograph them last Summer at Watlington Hill which is about a one and a half hour drive from us but they have apparently been seen recently just a few (under ten) miles from us so they are getting closer :)

    I particularly loved your Willow Warbler photos, so pretty.

    On your post entitled 'An Oasis' I was very impressed with the photo of the gull with all the water droplets, I thought that was stunning!

    You seem to have a lovely life style, I do like the idea of you sitting with the poultry in the evenings. It sounds like your home is quite remote, I would love idea of paradise :)

  4. Hi Kerry,
    Summer will be back for you :-). It's got cool and windy here too - but I wont see a siskin !!

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments. I sincerely hope that summer will be back as I don't relish battling torrential rain and gale force winds, getting soaked to the skin as I have this evening while battling to put poultry away early, poultry who are adamant that they don't mind a bit of rain even if I do!

  6. A cracking shot Kerry. Lovely to see them visiting the feeders. I'm sure the good weather will be back soon. :)


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