Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I'm Useful!

Of an evening I sit out with the poultry until it is time for bed, as I want them to enjoy as much daylight as possible, but don't want to leave them vulnerable to predators.  As I sit quietly wild birds come and make use of the poultry's food supply.  Meet a few of them:

Male House Sparrow

Female House Sparrow

This male and female mallard are regular visitors that have become very indifferent to mine and the dogs presence: they sense that we are no threat.  Perhaps this year the female might once again bring her ducklings and rear them at my pond. 

Snooze time.

While the female keeps an eye out for trouble.

A feral pigeon.  I get as many as 40 of these at times during the year.  At the moment only one is visiting.

This Rook was determined to have some seed, though he was very wary of my presence, and who can blame him as they are so horribly persecuted in this area.  I have picked many up over the years that have been left with terrible injuries from being shot at.

I get around 40 Collared Doves visiting during the winter but now I am down to around four.

And I shall sneak in one of my own handsome boys: a Rosecomb Bantam cross.

Many thanks for your visits and comments.  I am still catching up with everyone's great blogs.


  1. Lovely pics again today Kerry. What twat would want to shoot a Rook! They eat all the leatherjackets - a pest to farmers!

  2. Brilliant photos, Kerry.
    Very envious of your Buzzard in the previous post.

  3. Great post Kerry! Love the rook, I really enjoyed seeing them when I traveled to Russia in high school, but haven't been back to see one since...


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