Saturday, 15 May 2010

Almost Cuddly

Until I started macro photography I had a real phobia about flies.  There was just something about them that I found totally repulsive, not something that I could define with specifics, but just a total revulsion.  A horror at having them near me, or even in the same room.  No other insect has had this effect on me.  I lie, I did go through a brief spell in my teens of disliking earwigs, but it was only brief! Seeing a fly in close up though, changed my emotions from one of horror to one of fascination.  They come in such a variety of colours and shapes, and some, such as this dung fly, could almost be described as cuddly.  He reminds me of some of my teddy bears of childhood with that soft downy looking coat.  And that tuft on his head gives him a noble air: I can image a cape thrown over his shoulder and him bowing low in front of Queen Elizabeth I.


  1. Yep" can just see the Queen taking a sword and knighting, Arise Sir dung of the dung world.
    well she has made bob a knight and he came from the dung pile. We also have Mary snapping the butterflies on poo today, I still say my lizard is the king of the pile though,
    nice one Kerry. good job it landed on a leaf not a cow pat. can see you being knighted in that position. by the dung fly I mean.

  2. Cuddly ? mmmmm.... well that gives me a chance then !!

  3. I spend a lot of time down amidst the muck and mud so it would be an appropriate place! :-)

  4. Not sure about cuddly, but a great capture nonetheless Kerry.


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