Sunday, 9 May 2010


Today's post on the summit of Garn Boduan is delayed due to me taking a very long four hour walk on this delightful sunny spring day.  I do instead bring you a view of Garn Boduan taken from  the north side of Garn Fadryn.

The path taken to the summit is on the right hand side of of the image, up through the conifers.  On the left behind the Garn is the hill at Pistyll, and the three peaks rising behind, one to the left and two to the right, are Yr Eifl, known in English as The Rivals. 

Well, sadly, after a long and leisurely morning, followed by a long and leisurely lunch, I have work to do.  Hope your day has been as delightful as mine.


  1. Just one word "Beautiful"

  2. last blog you mentioned, Whatever time of year I have visited there is always a puddle. I assume that underneath is a spring of some sorts, perhaps the one where the Iron Age people got their water from.
    And that is where the name Pistyll comes from "the Well" many places in wales have the name pistyll.

  3. That looks quite a trek up to the summit, but I suspect worth every minute.
    You have some beautiful countryside where you are Kerry.

  4. I didn't know that about Pistyll, thanks for the info.

    Thanks to all of you for the comments. :-)

  5. Absolutely stunning view Kerry. A well spent 4 hours i'd say - and it will keep you fit and healthy :-)

  6. I take it you are not Welsh speaking Kerry?
    Ffynon:-meaning fountain or spring,
    Afon:- river, other words that is in village names , even Llanfair PG. has a meaning that describes how to find the St Sylio church near the whirlpools, Chwyl dro bwll, of the Menai straights, that brings the word Llan of which many village names start with . Llan:- a church with a surrounding wall.

  7. No I am not a Welsh speaker Tony. I knew about the Llan as I am interested in old churches, and the Afon. I am pretty useless at mastering new languages unfortunately. I just have a brain that seizes up when it comes to trying to learn them. :-(

  8. Enjoying your blog Kerry, keep up the good work. All the best.


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