Friday, 28 May 2010

Elusive Birds

I have been trying to photograph some of the local warblers, sadly without much success.  The birds round here seem, on the whole, to be rather camera shy.   This one Willow Warbler did very kindly pose for me, though it didn't believe in staying still for too long!  Now if I could just get those dastardly little Sedge Warblers, that seem far greater in number this year, to come out from amidst the branches and leaves! :-) 

I read in the local paper today that we have had the driest spring for 54 years.  I am already rooting out my waterproof gear ready for the backlash come summer, as somehow I don't think we will have the drought that they are forecasting!  Hope you are all warmer than we are here in cold and windy Wales.


  1. Once the mayflower is out on the thorn bushes you will have no chance of getting a photo of the sedge warbler. never mind you will have a lovely fragrance in the air and lots of may flies they make for lovely captures. we have Irish bells in the garden they seem to love it and the green foliage makes A nice background then along comes the cabbage white and lays its eggs next thing the caterpillars have devoured the leaves. will put a May fly on

  2. Great Willow warbler Kerry, non of those breed on my patch sadly.


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