Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Top Of The World

As you reach the summit you have views down the expanse of the Peninsula: a landscape of patchwork fields bordered by narrow hedges and drystone walls, and also the towering exposed rocky peak of Garn Fadryn. It is cold up here; a place where the wind is always lazy: too idle to blow round you so it blows straight through.  You quickly become chilled to the bone, even on a warm sunny day.

The summit has an eerie presence and a sense of antiquity, not just from the stone hut circles that litter the ground, but also from the skeletal remains of trees from a long ago fire.  You feel as though you are walking in the company of the dead.

As you reach the highest point, and stand at the look out hut, you have views across to Cardigan Bay, Yr Eifl. and on a clear day Snowdonia.

Yr Eifl (The Rivals)

If you enjoy a peaceful walk then this is the place to go.  In all the years of walking there I have only bumped into people on a couple of occasions, and that was in the summer months.   Also if you are a dog walker this is an ideal place as you can have well behaved dogs off the lead without fear of bumping into sheep: a rare occurrence in this part of Wales. 

Be sure to take a walking stick with you as the ground is quite treacherous in places.


  1. Well worth the wait Kerry, love your Welsh border collie. you should feature the collie on here sometime. I had a scots border collie for 18 years. went deaf at sixteen. thank God she never had the usual hereditary blindness. she was also a worker but was hindered by her dew claws they used to get ripped in the heather on Snowdon.

  2. Collies will be in a future post that I intend to do - I can't miss out Psycho Sally from the farm next door, not to mention my late beautiful Nuttie Nellie the mother of the collie I have now. All are great characters in their own right and deserve a write up!

    Good to hear that you enjoyed the post. :-)

  3. What fantastic views from up there. Just beautiful.

  4. Looks like a magical place indeed kerry. I'm selfish......I would keep it to myself :-)

  5. Lovely Kerry! Thanks for sharing.

  6. It was difficult to chose one all these photogarphs are amazing.

    Nice work.

    I know it takes a lot of time to go and capture such photos, so thank you very much for capturing and sharing.
    Best Wishes!


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