Wednesday, 26 May 2010

An Oasis

I usually find, tucked away, near the centre of each town, is a small oasis where peace and tranquility can be found, and one can commune with nature.  I spent a pleasant hour in such a place yesterday morning on a visit to Pwllheli. 

When entering Pwllheli from Caernarfon direction, take the left hand turn down at the side of the railway station.  Follow the road along for a short distance and you will come to parking bays at the side of the harbour, park here.  On the opposite side of the road to the harbour you will see a low wall; at each end of this low wall are a set of steps that lead down to a path along the edge of the a reedy area where the river flows into the harbour.  It is here that time can stand still, and you can enjoy the company of wild birds while the hustle and bustle of town goes on in the distance. 

Some photos from yesterday of the birds that are accustomed to human activity and therefore much easier to approach.

Blackbirds seem keen to have a good look at me this week: this little lady hopped into a bush at the side of me and watched me for some moments. 

This Jackdaw seemed very interested in the strange lady on the grass with the long lens pointing at him.

This delightful little Pied Wagtail was one of a pair that flitted continuously back and too along a stretch of piping that crosses near the bridge.

A selection of gorgeous Gulls.

And a wonderful Heron that was perched on the same pipeline as the Wagtail while looking for his next meal.

There were other water birds including Shelduck, but unfortunately I didn't have a long enough lens to get a photo of them. 

I had a very busy day yesterday, besides this lapse, and so I am still trying to catch up with blogs.  Many thanks for your visits and comments on mine.


  1. I agree Kerry, wildlife places close to town are precious. If I have to drive into Newport I invariably park as far out as possible so as to experience something more interesting than shops!

  2. More excellent photo's Kelly!

    It is very time demanding running a blog and enjoying everone elses :-)

    PS the 'Grey' Wagtail in you photo is in fact a Pied Wagtail. :-)

  3. Of course it is Warren! As I was writing it I knew it didn't sound right, but I was in a rush so didn't double check. Thanks for the pointer. :-)


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