Wednesday, 19 May 2010


When I moved to this property there were no Ramsons growing on the land, so I set about locating some and planting it up.  Everyone thought that I was mad: they all said that I would be overrun with the stuff, as it supposedly spreads quickly wherever it is planted.   I wanted it not just for its beauty, but also for its medicinal purposes, so it was a risk that I was willing to take.  I planted up four patches of it, and then I waited hopefully for it to spread sufficiently for me to harvest regular supplies.  Ten years later the clumps have only doubled in size, and as they were tiny clumps I still don't have enough to harvest.  My land is obviously not to its liking, despite the fact that I catered to its needs with the planting situation.  At least though I do have some to photograph, though sadly their blooms never last long. 

P.S. We are now back to winter: thick low cloud, strong winds and chucking it down. I knew it was too good to last! What would the British do without the weather to complain about?!  LOL


  1. It looks like wild garlic. plenty of that around Newtown it needs woodland shade to spread to any thing like harvesting. it also makes for strong garlic taste in food. that is if its the garlic plant

  2. Silly ol, me should have checked first it is the wild garlic, there is a place called the mill corner on aberhafesp Rd Newtown powys, loads of it there if you need a good harvest it also grows in abundance in and around the glen Minsterley,shrewsbury. that also is a woodland area the side of the road is one mass sometimes the big lorries from the express creamery have to go into them if another vehicle is coming.
    the other way, and it leaves this wonderful garlic smell from the crushed ramson.did not know about its remedial values but there again there are so many of the wild plants being forgot today.

  3. Hi Kerry, It is a pretty flower apart from its many uses and I was watching a programme on the TV recently which mentioned that unlike ordinary garlic, Ramsons leaves no smell on the breath!

    I have just caught up with your last few posts and your photos really are beautiful and have incredible clarity!!

  4. I like your attitude Kerry - do as you like, not as you're told. Good on you!

    As for the weather - well....blah...blah...blah..


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