Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Wonders Of A Macro Lens

The macro lens has opened up a whole new world to me, a world that is full of mystery and beauty.  I took the above photo after spotting what I thought were eggs.  There was a whole bunch of them on a leaf.  I assumed at a casual glance that they were some sort of insect egg.  I moved closer with my lens to get a photo for identification purposes, but as I did so the 'eggs' legged it in all directions! Two slightly bolder creatures stayed on top of the leaf as the rest disappeared underneath it.  These little creatures were not much bigger than a pin head, and having never seen one before, I scoured my insect books to identify them, but without success.  I have asked around and so far no one can tell me what they are.  Does anyone reading this know?  No prizes for answering, just my gratitude! :-)

UPDATE - It is indeed a young shield bug:  Many thanks Dean. :-)


  1. Looks like a newly hatched Shieldbug. Well captured.

  2. No idea what they are Kerry. They look like a miniature ladybird.

  3. I'm not good with bugs Kerry, but if you ask Greenie, at Greenie in the Wild ( he's on my side bar of my blog) he may well know.

  4. Thanks everyone for your input. Here is a link to Shield bug life stages:

  5. Hi Kerry, welcome to the world of MACRO!

  6. Great macro photo, Kerry! It does indeed open up a whole new and fascinating world.

    I have just caught up with the posts I missed since my last visit. What a stunning area you live in! To be able to walk for miles without seeing another soul would be heavenly to me, I would love to live somewhere really remote.


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