Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Another Beautiful Day!

I am beginning to worry: we have had mainly dry weather for over a month now, and for the past three days the weather has been just glorious.  In previous years when this has happened, it has then rained continuously all summer.  Please Gods, do not let that happen again this year!  I just couldn't stand another cold, wet, miserable summer; a summer where the woodburning stove is burning as much as in the winter, either that or we sit and shiver.

Oh well, while the sun is shining I am making the most of it, as are the insects.  

I have seen quite a few Ladybirds this past few days.

This delightful hoverfly: Leucozona Lucorum seems to have had a good year, with plenty of them about on the Cow Parsley.  It isn't one that I have spotted before, and being so distinctive, and quite large, I am sure that I would have done if they had been as plentiful on previous years.

This warm weather has made all the difference to the Bluebells attractiveness to bees: they are being worked continuously by the Bumblebees and the Honey Bees.  I wonder whether this is one of my bees?

On a depressing note, my Buzzard has been scared off by a bird-scarer that has been put in the field of barley next door: every so often it lets off a bang that sounds like a bomb going off.  Understandably the Buzzard has decided that this is no place to be.  I had actually been thinking that Mr Buzzard was in fact a Mrs, due to the fact that it now comes at irregular times and not every day, eating quickly and then disappearing rather than sitting around for a while.   I wondered whether it might be sitting on eggs.   A few years back a Buzzard reared young in a tree not far from me, and once the youngsters could fly they came daily to my bottom field.  I manage the land organically and it teems with voles, shrews and insects: an ideal nursery.  I had hoped that once again this year the youngsters would be brought here, but that won't happen if they are continually scared off.


  1. Great shots that hover fly is a beauty .
    the bird scarer is just that a bird scarer it does dot differentiate between a pigeon and a buzzard a sparrow or sparrow hawk. but the farmers do lose a lot of the crop to birds eating the seeds. if the buzzard has got a nest it will not go far from it.

  2. No need to worry Kerry.
    "forecasters have suggested the warm weather this week could be the start of a glorious summer".

    Let`s hope they`ve got it right.

  3. Tony, there is a patch of pine close by where they have bred before and I think this is where they might be again this year.

    Dean, if the weather forecasters reckon we will have a good summer then we can guarantee a lousy one!! It is back to being bitterly cold here today: dull and windy.

  4. Nice macros Kerry. Love the pollen on the bee's leg.

  5. Cracking shots Kerry; especially like that hoverfly.
    Hope your Buzzard hasn't gone too far away.

  6. Kerry you can turn those gas cannons off :-) We had 3 going off all winter from dawn till dusk - every 10mins !! sounded like world war three.

    Lovely pics today - can I have some of that sun please!

  7. Beautiful pictures Kerry.

    "Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you".
    Walt Whitman

  8. Great pictures and blog!!! congratulations!!!




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