Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Old Hairy!

The diversity of creatures on this earth is just amazing, especially if originally we all developed from the first living organism.   Yesterday I spotted this wonderful caterpillar that reminded me of a hairy biker or rocker.  Searching through identification sites I think he is a Drinker Moth caterpillar - if anyone knows any different then please let me know.   Also if anyone knows of any good identifcation sites for caterpillars, or moths and butterflies, then I would be really grateful for the links.  I got the id for this chap from here: http://www.ukleps.org/morphology.html


  1. Strange, I was just thinking the same thing - evolution is quite remarkable.

  2. Cracking shot of the Drinker caterpillar, Kerry.

    www.ukmoths.org is a great site for moths, but if you`re not familiar with the different famillies, then it can be quite a haul.

  3. Thanks for the link Dean I shall explore it later today.

  4. No idea what that one is I'm afraid.

    A few links you might enjoy though.

    http://www.butterfly-conservation.org/ you can get a local one from this too, which is handy.




    Hope they're useful Kerry.

  5. Many thanks for the links. I shall explore them later. :-)

  6. Good shot Kerry, and yes, I've definitely been overtaken by this one riding a Harley Davidson..

  7. Hello Kerry :)I have enjoyed looking through your blog, your photos are lovely!

    Your previous post was very interesting and your theory a good one. I have noticed there are an enormous amount of Dandelions this year, I have always loved their bright, cheerful faces. Let's hope enough will remain, untouched by human hand, to help the bees.


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