Sunday, 2 May 2010

I often think about what I would like to come back as in the next life, and also what I definitely wouldn't want to come back as; the limpet falls into the latter category.  Can you image living for up to twenty years, being battered by the stormy seas, or baked by the sun, living on hard abrasive rocks, with nothing to do but eat?  It certainly isn't a life that would appeal to me!

If any marine experts are reading this I would be interested to know if both of these are Patella vulgata or whether the peach coloured one is something else? Or perhaps neither are Patella vulgata?  I am not that knowledgeable on sea creatures. (Hanging my head in shame as I should be living next to the sea!)


  1. Beats the hell out of being a donkey in Egypt.
    after what I saw yesterday.
    I want to come back as the welsh dragon and live a life of myth.
    my brother in law Built the marine life aquarium at Llanbeder, his email should be on he knows or his partner will know the names of all the sea life in your area.

  2. Can't help with the limpet names, and I wouldn't want to come back as one either. A bird maybe; or me again lol

  3. Think i'd like to come back as a Swift !

    I dont know a jot about sea creatures either :-)

  4. Some interesting thoughts as to what to come back as. As my nickname with friends is The Dragon, perhaps I would need to find a different form in the next life! :-) A bird definitely appeals, but never too sure which one.

    Thanks Tony for the link, I did have a look but couldn't find mention of the marine life aquarium or find the email for them.


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